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Adequate Care of Golf Course Maintenance Equipment

Have you ever wanted to assign equipment to employees but found the task too difficult to manage? Have you ever wanted to stay on top of preventative maintenance without the hassle of tracking every piece of equipment?  Do you wish for a fast and effective system for employees to report an issue when a piece of equipment breaks down? taskTracker’s Technician module can help make those wishes a reality.

In taskTracker’s Technician module, you can find anything you need to manage your fleet seamlessly. Working with equipment has never been easier.

Equipment Maintenance Facility Software Golf Technician - ASB taskTracker

taskTracker helps you track your equipment to answer the most critical questions:

  • When is it time to replace a piece of equipment?
  • What are we spending on repairs?
  • How long has the unit been down?
  • Which employees are rough on equipment, and do they need to be retrained?

Get On the Shop Floor

Sitting behind a computer all day doesn’t repair the normal wear and tear of equipment. We know that techs need to be on the shop floor, and that’s why taskTracker is designed to go wherever they do.

Techs can use their mobile phones or tablets to bring taskTracker to the equipment. By using our software, technicians will have the ability to create work orders on the fly,  assign parts to repairs, and alert the superintendent that the equipment is unavailable, along with many other things. 


Schedule All Necessary Maintenance

taskTracker makes it possible to define preventative schedules and automatically generate work orders based on equipment hours. We can help you conduct an effective maintenance program to reduce mechanical failures and poor performance on all types of equipment.

You can ensure your equipment will perform when you need it most by being more proactive with preventative maintenance.

Our fleet maintenance software can also generate work orders in a few easy clicks. Work orders can be assigned to employees, or they can be completed on the fly; and by prioritizing work orders, you’ll have you and your team focusing on essential repairs first.

Equipment Maintenance Facility Software Golf Technician - ASB taskTracker

Keep Up-to-Date and Accurate Records on All Equipment

Assign Equipment

Assigning equipment to employees is a snap. Technicians can let
users know what equipment is available, who has used it, what the uptime/downtime is on the unit, and if there are any open work orders. taskTracker also lets you know how many hours are on the equipment before assigning it to employees so that the entire fleet’s hours stay balanced.

Change Equipment Status

Regular checkups help you to remain up-to-date with the equipment’s health. In addition, you can schedule equipment downtime, so you have time to do proper maintenance.

Track Equipment by Hour

We know it’s crucial to know where your equipment is at all times. You can track your equipment in real time and receive efficiency reports on idle time vs. work time by using the FAIRWAYiQ sensors.

Access Equipment Health with a QR Code Scan

Label and scan units to get the equipment history. With the use of QR codes, you will have complete access to all of the equipment records in the palm of your hand. When something goes down, you don’t need a computer to start the repair: with the QR code option, you scan the equipment and create a work order on the spot.

Equipment Maintenance Facility Software Golf Technician - ASB taskTracker

View Current Work Order

Technicians and employees can scan equipment to view open work orders.

Report Equipment Issues

Employees can report issues to the technician, and those issues can then be converted to a work order.

Update Hours

Equipment hours can be updated even with a quick QR code scan.


Employees can self-assign equipment to their current jobs.

Review Equipment Status

Employees can see if the equipment is down for repairs or ready to go.

Mark Location

Employees can mark the location of where they left a particular piece of equipment.

Effective Communication with the Crew and Management

taskTracker can help you manage your fleet and the employees trained to operate that equipment. Whether it’s assigning equipment to the staff or monitoring which employee is trained on a particular piece of equipment, taskTracker has got you covered. 

Crew can also communicate back to the technician on any piece of equipment that is having issues, keeping the tech up-to-date on all equipment.

Book a Live Demo

taskTracker’s interactive technician’s smartboard displays relevant information to your crew.    Due and overdue work orders, equipment logs and status, the current height of cut, and employees with assigned work orders are all displayed to keep everyone informed.

Discover all the opportunities we have to offer by booking a live demo.


Vendors and Parts Information at Hand

Keep a log of your vendors in one place so you can find their contact information quickly.

Track which parts are being used, their cost, and if there are alternate parts that can be used.  Our system maintains an accurate cost of parts being used on each unit and the labor that it took to make the repair.  

Pretty happy with the Equipment Management side of ASB taskTracker. Not only can we assign equipment out, but in about 10 seconds I can lockout a piece that is in need of repair!

Ben BeardEquipment Manager @American Dunes (Grand Haven, MI)

Get the Most out of Your Equipment Maintenance with ASB Technician