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A Dedicated Mobile Application for Your Staff

Employee Mobile is designed to get the entire staff involved. Employees, superintendents, and technicians can stay connected through the workday.

Delivering the correct information to your crew in real time is crucial for an effective operation. Employees can receive feedback, manage their schedules, and check out equipment to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The Most Straightforward Time Clock Application an Employee Can Have

Employees can use the software to clock in and out for the day, and if needed, they can even clock in and out of tasks assigned to them, giving you a complete picture of your operation.

Easy-to-Use Interface

A fast and effective interface allows employees to clock in and out quickly for the day.

Remote Clock In/Out

Permit employees to clock in from anywhere, avoiding the hassle of long lines in front of the kiosk.

Easy Task Management

Your employees can easily mark the start and finish of a task and whether that task was completed.

Live Data in taskTracker

Clock-in times will be automatically updated in taskTracker, allowing administrators to track hours for payroll accurately.

Punch History

Employees can quickly review clock-in and clock-out times and let you know if there are any issues, making payroll approval a snap.

Connected to the Display Board

Know who showed up for the day. The employee portal is connected to the smart digital display board, so you can easily see who has punched in and who hasn’t, making attendance tracking easy.

Personalized Employee Experience

Poor communication is the number one reason employees leave a job. The Employee Portal gives employees a direct line of communication into the operation. They can see their schedule, request days off, swap shifts, and access personal jobs that have been assigned to them. In addition, they can help the technician by reporting equipment issues and updating equipment hours.  Through the Employee Portal, everyone becomes a part of the operation and is invested in its success.

We realize that not everyone speaks that same language, so assigned jobs are automatically translated to that individual’s native language.

Labor Management Software Golf - ASB taskTracker

By using taskTracker employees can:

  • self-assign tasks
  • add additional notes to a task
  • self-assign equipment
  • self-assign work orders
  • write notes to the technician about faulty equipment
  • adjust their task time, if allowed

Flexibility for Your Crew

Scheduling is a headache, and managing time-off requests is a full-time job. So say goodbye to those Post-It notes on your monitor! Employees can request time off or send notes through the Employee Portal, and you can manage those requests when the time is right for you. This system puts accountability on your employees and avoids stressful scheduling conflicts and costly no-shows.


Easy to Manage the Day-to-Day Schedule

In taskTracker’s scheduling software, employees can request days off or send a note to work on a certain day. Employees can request a shift swap, and if two employees agree, the system notifies you for approval, making it easier to focus on the day-to-day operation.

  • See their own schedule
  • See other team members’ schedules
  • Request days off
  • Swap shifts with other employees
  • Offer up shifts for team members who are off
Daily Scheduling Software Golf - ASB taskTracker

Real-Time Team Communication

Live Notifications and Alerts

Whether it’s a day-off request or shift swaps, employees will be notified in real time about any notable changes to their account via the mobile app or text message. Employees will also be alerted to new work orders assigned to them or any new safety certifications added to their accounts.

Instant Notes to Managers

Employees can add additional notes to a job so that you can stay up-to-date on the daily operation. Employees can also notify the technician about faulty equipment using the Employee Mobile app.

Real-time Job Information

Employees can receive turf-related information from the digital display board.  Mow patterns, daily notes, alerts, and geo notes are just a few examples of the relevant information they can access.


A Smarter Way to Manage Your Crew

Entering data more than once is a waste of time. Our connected software allows you to take in data from multiple sources and act on it without the need to re-enter information.
The Employee Portal has a direct link to ASB taskTracker and ASB Technician modules, making it possible to run your crew remotely without missing a beat. You can keep accurate daily timekeeping records for all employees and be alerted to late clock-ins. Employee scheduling becomes a breeze with saved default schedules and employee input. Managing employees has never been easier. 

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