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taskTracker for Superintendents

taskTracker was written and developed for the superintendent; with powerful and intuitive daily job boards, tracking labor has never been easier. Each feature is crafted to make your life streamlined and more organized, allowing you to effectively plan your day and use data when you need it. From planning to execution and reporting, taskTracker is with you every step of the way.


All of Your Data in One Place

Every superintendent tracks data, and some choose to erase it at the end of the day. We developed taskTracker to track and store data behind the scenes, so that it is ready for you when you need it. Whether that data is for yourself to better understand your operation or it’s required to justify your budget, you can count on taskTracker to deliver what you need.


More Time to Do What You Love

taskTracker’s flexible and powerful display boards allow users to share what they want to see on the digital smart board. Shared data can be controlled from any device, allowing you to keep the crew focused on the job at hand. 

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Fully Integrated Platform

taskTracker is a fully integrated platform for superintendents and crew. Labor, equipment, chemicals, safety, weather, and course conditions are just a few of the modules taskTracker offers. You can turn data entry into operational knowledge by having everything on one platform. Discover how taskTracker can support you and your team.

Managing Golf Course Superintendent using taskTracker
Daily Scheduling Software Golf - ASB taskTracker

Post-It Notes Go Digital

Say goodbye to the Post-It notes for tracking employee time-off requests scattered around your monitor. taskTracker’s scheduler can keep track of those requests in an easy-to-view scheduling module. When it is time to make a schedule, all employee requests are available to view and approve. 
Not only is scheduling important, but reflecting on daily operations can lead to valuable insights. taskTracker allows users to create daily diary entries, so they can go back and reflect on how things have changed from year to year.


Next-Level Employee Communication

Once a schedule is made, the hardest part is managing shift changes. taskTracker makes it possible for employees to send swap requests or offer up shifts to employees who are currently off. Employees become responsible for finding a suitable replacement, and once a match is found, all the superintendent has to do is approve it. Finally, a system that doesn’t make you the middleman in figuring out a three-way trade the night before.  

Effective communication with employees:

  • real-time updates on the display board
  • mass text and email messages
  • feedback from employees
  • day-off and swap requests
  • productive morning meetings
golf course software for superintendents

Plan Your Work Ahead

Everything starts with a great plan, and taskTracker can help you put the perfect plan in motion. You can create work boards days or weeks in advance. You can develop plans so that your programs are adhered to. But we also know that every good plan eventually gets kicked in the face, and you need to make changes on the fly. taskTracker has you covered. With easy-to-change job boards and text and email communications with the crew, handling those haymakers the golf pro throws at you will be child’s play.  

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