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The Only Golf Course Software Built By Superintendents, For Superintendents

taskTracker was developed to answer the tough questions on where your budget dollars are spent. The question of why it costs so much to maintain your course, when the course down the street has half the employees, is the whole reason we started this project. Some superintendents may never get that question, but the good ones are always prepared to answer it when the need arises.

Gerry Flaherty, CGCS at The Valley Club, received that question one day but was not prepared to answer it. The Board wanted detailed information, which would take weeks to compile and then more time to analyze.

That’s when taskTracker was born. Gerry needed an easy and straightforward way to track labor and report it to his committees. So he enlisted the help of his golf professional to write a web-based program to accomplish the task at hand. He only had one request. “I’m old; make it easy to use.”

That became our mission statement: track data without adding additional work to the staff. The whiteboard was an easy target. It required a lot of work every day in order to communicate jobs to the team, so it was logical to make a digital job board for the user to fill out, and once that was complete, we had all of the information needed to create compelling reports to answer that single question: “Why does it cost so much?”

As taskTracker has continued to expand, the same basic principle holds true: make the data collection easy, make the program intuitive, and make the analysis powerful. We hold ourselves to this standard not because we want you to use our product but because we use the product every day to manage our course.

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Jaime Sharp
Founder ASB taskTracker


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It’s What Our Users Deserve

When you call ASB taskTracker for support, your call matters. It allows us an opportunity to see if we can do something better for you, and when you call, you will most likely be talking with Gerald or Jaime. Who better to fix issues than the individuals who wrote and coded the project?  

Based on support calls, taskTracker will continually push out updates to fix any glitches and will continue to add features to make the modules more user-friendly and intuitive. Whether it’s a bug, advice regarding one of our features, or feedback on the platform, we are here for you.

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