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Discover turfRad Sensor

Optimize your golf course irrigation with passive microwaves using the turfRad radiometer sensor integrated with ASB taskTracker. Find out how the high-resolution moisture maps and irrigation suggestions will take the stress out of managing your water.

  • A brief conversation to assess how turfRad + taskTracker can help you to optimize irrigation
  • Personalized to your course size, irrigation needs, and installed irrigation system
  • The ROI Calculator will show you the potential savings on water, electricity and fertilizer
  • 30 minutes live chat with screen sharing with insight into how to get the most benefit from turfRad + taskTracker
  • Talk to one of the founders, someone who is involved in the development part
  • No commitment required

We look forward to showing you how to get the most out of turfRad integrated with ASB taskTracker.

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